Blossom: eLearning for Serious Do Gooders

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Capacity Building for Nonprofits


In 2000, The Foundation Center sought your opinion as someone who worked in and with nonprofits.  They asked you about your needs: what is working, not working in nonprofits and what do you need to have to fix it.

What you told them as a nonprofit leader was that you needed to build your capacity to do more and do more better, but you didn't have the right ways to do so. Your capacity building options were constrained to five basic approaches: lengthy and immersive college degrees, expensive professional consultants, time consuming conference trips, cliff note like webinars, or one day workshops with no implementation support. 

The Foundation Center studied this capacity building issue with you again in 2010. They determined that what you needed was more knowledge, more innovative thinking, and more strategies to address your challenges. In response to the findings, industry leaders set out to offer you ways to build your capacity - more webinars, more workshops, more conferences. But we have created a capacity building service solution that disrupts this endless cycle of identified problem and repetitive response.

We designed an eLearning experience platform to build your capacity to do more, that delivers real time outcomes with a live coach who personally guides you in implementing what you have learned for the good of your organization. 

We call it BLOSSOM: eLearning for Serious Do Gooders.

Working with hundreds of nonprofit professionals and volunteers on their capacity building issues and obstacles, we identified three pain points and built BLOSSOM to solve all three:

What we learned is that for each nonprofit, the process of capacity building fell apart in being able to afford learning that provided real value to the organization, having the time to be able to dedicate to learning, and having the support needed to effectively implement what was learned in a way that showed results.

When we realized the scope of this problem, we thought~

But we still need to support you as you worked out how to make everything you were learning work in real time.

So we added a private coach, who would have complete access to your learning progress in the lab, teaching, evaluating, and mentoring you through assignment completions and assessments, and facilitating your use of this learning in your work outcomes.

We finished our design of BLOSSOM by bringing you together with five other learners in a group monthly, all experiencing innovative ideas, solutions, and growth, to share and have rich discussions around topics relevant to the nonprofit industry effecting your organizations.